In our never ending attempt to be able to afford Paker, I’ve decided to follow in the shoes of other bloggers and occasionally offer up items for sale on this site.

Have I ever told you how expensive this little kid is? There is no doubt in our mind that he will soon exceed the ONE MILLION DOLLAR limit on our insurance.

And that is just for the stuff they will actually, you know, pay for.

Out of pocket costs are staggering too. Cause our insurance? It sucks.

Big time.

So without further ado, here is a sneak peak of what will be listed on Parker’s ParkerDoodles page:

We’ve been searching out the most beautiful colors…….

… hand dye our wares…….



…… and searching high and low for the perfect material to match.


Now we are sewing and sewing and sewing to create OUR version of fun and fabulous prefolds and burp cloths.

We also have:

Amazingly adorable cloth wipes from Pediascribe.

But wait! Look what else our sweet friends from Pediascribe sent!


An autograph/scrapbook with authentic autographs! Made by Pediascribe’s DAUGHTER over at Is this not the coolest thing ever? And AUTHENTIC I tell you! They took this amazing book with them on their last trip to Disney World and got all the autographs!




And there are lots more autographs/layouts!

Finally, this same family sent a beautiful cross-stitched picture. It is gorgeous. And if you look really, really, really hard you will see that the inside charm is on of Parker’s adored FROGS! She has even cross-stitched golden frogs around the border. This item is so delicate, and beautiful

Trust me when I say my mad photography skillz don’t begin to do it justice.


There are even more items to be added. Check back.

The prices and pictures of each item will be listed on the ParkerDoodles page. Or, you can feel free to make an offer. First come, first served.

Thanks so much,


  1. Karen (Pediascribe) Jun 25, 08
  2. Tammy & Parker Jun 25, 08
  3. nell Jun 25, 08
  4. Meredith Jun 25, 08
  5. Awesome Mom Jun 26, 08
  6. Aimee (Primary Pres.) Jun 27, 08
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