Parker Takes On The Letter P

P is for Parker.

And plague. The end of which I hope we have come to the end of.

Because we never know when Parker is going to be sick, we home school year round at Parker’s Preschool.

Today we learned about the letter P.


We needed our purple pasta and our purple plate. And glue. We needed some glue too. Well, perhaps there was more than just some glue.


We also snagged Parker’s name sign. He’s learning to recognize his name.


Here our Brave Hero is checking to make sure his Mama spelled his name correctly. She’s had a rough couple of weeks.


Blech. Okay, maybe now I get why she keeps telling me not to eat the glue.


Too much glue on my hands? No problem. I’ll just store it up here until next time I need it.


Oh, the concentration!


The completed project.

Now this may not seem like such a big deal. In reality this represents a session that include tears, frustration, and some really mean looks from Parker. Parker’s pincher grip is excellent. It’s the idea of letting a small object go after being placed that we are working on.

Which is different from letting a small object fly through the room. That’s an already accomplished skill.


So…….what are you guys doing to help build skills this summer?


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