Parker Needs Prayers

Unless Parker is on a combination of pretty high doses of Morphine, Loratab, Verset, and Ativan he is exceptionally agitated, thrashing all over the crib, and showing signs of great pain. Twice today he threw both of his legs over the sides of his crib, stretching the cpap hose to it’s capacity.

This causes his heart rate to sky rocket and his O2 levels to plummet. They tried to wean him off the vent/cpap thing he was on today and were unable to. The extra work of breathing with only the trach mask and his usual O2 requirements sets him off all over again and we wind up putting him back on the cpap to help make breathing through this trach easier.

While he is calm his sats are beautiful. Unfortunately the meds only work for a very short period of time, and Parker is right back to showing us how miserable he is.

Anytime a child with PH undergoes surgery it is very, very hard for them to return to their baseline. Each time Parker gets so upset as to significantly raise his heart rate and blood pressure we know he is also raising his PH levels. A dangerous cycle of events for our guy.

We are scared to death that Parker is going to pull out this newly placed trach even though he has the armpit high No No! boards on.

ALL of the doctors are confident that once we can get Parker back home that this trach will play a major role in helping with his PH issues. My heart tells me the same thing. But we really could use some help to get Parker comfortable, less angry and able to require only the trach mask to keep his sats up.

I just called to talk with Reed but was told that Parker is struggling so much now that I would need to call back after he could be calmed down.

Please keep those prayers coming.


That Parker’s pain could significantly decrease.

That Parker could have spiritual help in the major transition of breathing through his nose to learning to breathe through his trach.

That Parker’s heart could be filled with peace and the knowledge that this can and will get easier and better. That he can feel his family’s love and our devotion to his care.

That Parker’s sats would return to his baseline and he can be weaned from needing extra help from the CPAP to being able to maintain his baseline with only the trach mask.

That the doctors and nurses working with him can come up with a successful and spiritually inspired treatment plan to help him achieve his medical goals.

That Parker can return home to begin an amazing journey to becoming a healthy little kid.


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