Best Special Needs Blog Nominee


We’ve been nominated! Yup! The Brave Hero and I!

We received a notice yesterday that Parker’s blog was nominated for Best Special Needs Blog on

The competition is pretty stiff.   So many excellent bloggers in this niche.

So if you could take a moment to vote, we’d really appreciate it.

And maybe share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Cause I’m not above begging.  heh.

I’ve never been much on Blog Awards before.  But this time it struck me that if a blog with Down syndrome got a TON of votes, then maybe the TPTB over at Parents magazine just might think that they need to do more features on kids with Down syndrome and other special needs.

Wouldn’t THAT be grand?

PS:  You can vote by by clicking on the pink badge on the right hand side of the post.  They do require you to register, but after that it takes 10 seconds…..max!


  1. Chris Aug 18, 11
    • Chris Aug 18, 11
  2. Kristal Aug 18, 11
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