Oxygen Concentrators and what I learned from Charlie Brown.

Oxygen concentrators.   Today’s topic Du Jour.  Well, oxygen concentrators and what I learned from Charlie Brown.

You may remember me writing about our hopes of getting a oxygen concentrator for Parker that was either light enough to travel with, or one that we could leave at my parent’s house.

Why my parent’s house?  Because their house is a place I can take Parker to without worry of bringing something home with him.  Seriously.  You can eat off my Mom’s floors.  Her house is so clean it’s disgusting.

We’ve been hoping to take Parker over to my parent’s house once a week so that my Mom, who worked in special education her entire career, could work with Parker one day a week and Parker could have some place fun to go.

Another benefit is that my Mom’s next door neighbor has chickens and horses and goats and cows, all of which a certain Brave Hero loves to visit.

Several months ago my insurance company told me that if I found a used oxygen concentrator  (these suckers are expensive) that they would not only check it out before I purchased it, but they would be willing to maintain it as well.  Oxygen machines need filters changed out and quick tests showing it’s actually putting out the amount of air it should be.

At the time we just couldn’t swing it.

But then, miracle of miracles, I found a concentrator that was not only one we could afford, but it also came with a machine that we could use to refill oxygen bottles with.

I was bouncing off the walls in excitement over here.

Then I called our insurance guy.

Opps, he told me.  Policy has changed.  No longer will our private insurance company service an oxygen concentrator that is purchased used from an outside source.

Nope.  Now, I will have to purchase a BRAND NEW oxygen concentrator directly through my insurance company. (WAY more than what we can afford or had been able to stash away.)  Oxygen concentrators purchased through my DME (owned by my private insurance company) will cost about 25% MORE than purchasing a new one directly from the manufacturer.  That 25% is to cover any servicing it may need down the road.

Kind of an interesting philosophy from a company who charged brand new prices for Parker’s first patient own concentrator that had close to 500 bazillion hours on it, and sounded like a dinosaur was rolling around in the room.

I must have blacked out for a few minutes because the next thing I remember is our DME guy asking if I was okay.

Stupid question.

Really stupid question.

I wanted to yell.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to proclaim the unfairness of it all to the entire world.

Charlie Brown and Luch

This is how I felt.  I was Charlie Brown and Lucy was my insurance company.

I was talking to the guy that repairs wheelchairs and I guess that this has become the way of the world in the world of our insurance company.

I guess I have other options.  I could purchase from another local DME and have then service it.  But the services prices they’ve quoted me makes buying the brand spanking new one cheaper.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a HUGE disappointment to think I was thisclose to getting that extra/light enough to travel with oxygen concentrator.

I may have been feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

Then I saw this on Pinterest:

Never Ever EVER give up!

If Charlie Brown can keep believing, so can I right?  heh. 

 Trust me.  When it comes to stuff like this you can either choose to make the best of it or make yourself bitter.  Choosing to have hope in all things and making the best of a situation makes life so very sweet.  I choose to have hope, and to never, ever, EVER give up.



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