Outfitting a homeschool room by shopping yard sales.

We took the plunge and created an actual homeschooling room for Parker.

There are still things I’d love to be able to stock this fabulous space with.

One of them was a light table.

My friend over at Teach Preschool came up with a way to make her very own light box.

Pure genius I tell ya.

But as I started adding up ingredients:  an aluminum roaster pan, silver spray paint, plastic primer, frost paint, fluorescent light from Walmart……well, even that $10.00-15.00 was more than I wanted to spend if I didn’t have to.

Have I ever mentioned how cheap I am?

Side note: Check out Deborah’s idea on her DIY light boxes.  I’m serious when I say this woman comes up with ideas that are sheer genius.

So I set a goal to look for light boxes at yard sales the next couple of months.  If I couldn’t find one at a cheaper price, then I would snag Deborah’s idea and do it myself.

The next to the last yard sale of the day I notice something.  Could it be?


It was!

It was so new the original wrapping was still on it.



Come to Mama, dearie. And the price? A mere TWO BUCKS. Oh, yes. Eight quarters, 20 dimes, 40 nickles or 200 pennies.

Since I had never heard of this brand of light box before I thought I would engage my research skills and see what I had.

According to the Artograph website our LIGHTTRACER Light box began life with a $49.99 price tag.

It was my lucky day alright.

The one disadvantage to this light box verses Deborah’s and some of the other more expensive light boxes, is that it is on a slight slant. This might allow things to slide down it. I’ve tried out several items, and so far I’ve had no issues. But I thought I’d throw that out there for those who might also want to look into a light box for their homeschool rooms.


I promise to share some of the activities I have for Parker and his new light box!

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