Our Weekend in Pictures

Salsa making.  Having family over.  Squeezing out the last bit of goodness from the backyard garden.   Stuffing the freezer with fruit for Parker’s blenderized diet.  Working on special needs homeschooling activities.  That was our weekend.  How was yours?


peppers Peppers from the garden headed to the salsa pot.

salsa making The salsa pot filled with yet another batch of the stuff.  I’ve lost count how many batches we’ve made this year.


Why, yes, I did climb the tree to get those pears.

frozen peaches for blenderized diest Fresh fruit in the freezer for Parker’s blenderized diet.


Impedance Probe

LDS Missionary Letter Letter from my LDS Missionary.  For a kid that talks non-stop he sure writes short letters.

sisters Sisters.

Kid's Christmas Activities It’s gotta get done sometime. 



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