Our Insurance Company Called…..

seems like we have had Parker’s new CPAP for a month and now they want it back.


Our insurance company called our home health care company, who provides durable medical equipment to Parker, and told them to come and pick up the new CPAP machine. The home health care company called Parker’s ENT to see what he said. ENT called us. Seems as though just about the only thing that MAY prove that this new CPAP is better than the old one is to have another sleep study performed. IF our insurance company will pay for it.

It doesn’t matter that except for 2 nights Parker has been able to tolerate this new machine ALL MONTH LONG. That is almost THREE times longer he was able to tolerate this machine a month than the old version.

It doesn’t matter that his average time with this cpap machine has been 6-7 hours a night. Last night he slept for EIGHT hours with it on.

It doesn’t matter that the medical adviser should be absolutely MORTIFIED that he even ordered the old machine for Parker’s care when for only $500.00 more than the old machine we could have gotten a model like the new machine. In other words, in his eyes, Parker isn’t even worth that extra $500.00? Then we wouldn’t be asking them to supply the new machine at a cost of $2,000 dollars more.

It doesn’t matter that this CPAP machine is a LIFE SAVING DEVICE for someone with Parker’s issues. Literally.

The home health care company offered us a payment plan of $500.00 a month for the next four months.

If I had an extra $500.00 dollars a month just hanging around I would have bought a hell of a lot more groceries for this month.

Reed and I talked about this tonight. The only way that this new CPAP machine is going back is over our cold dead bodies.


We will beg, borrow or what ever it takes to get the money to pay for this new machine.

It isn’t as if we are asking our insurance company to provide something that would make Parker’s life, oh say just easier. We are asking them to provide something to keep the kid ALIVE.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this Praying for Parker Concert will be a HUGE success. Cause I haven’t yet told you about my insurance company’s ruling as to the helmet Parker still needs.


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