Our Brave Hero Feels The Love

Well, it seems as though we’ve turned a corner and Parker is feeling much better. Several days in a row of 103-104 fevers took their toll on our Brave Hero and he has been a bit grouchier than usual. Buts lots of loves, naps and snuggle time seem to be helping with that too.


We haul Parker back up to Primary’s again on Friday to have his GI testing done. I’m thankful that my Mom is such a trooper and is willing to go up with us. Taking Parker out is a two person job! And having to sit in the back with Parker as he throws his trach noses all over the place isn’t really what one could describe as the best of times, kwim?

Parker wanted to make sure that I thanked everyone for all their emails in response to this post. The love and support shown to our family is nothing short of amazing.

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My Dad is always telling me that “If the Lord leads you to it, He will see you through it.” I believe that one of the biggest ways my Father and Heaven has seen our family through the last few years is by the love and support of our friends. Many of you we have never even met. Your faith in Parker and prayers for Parker never cease to touch my heart and raise my spirits.

Thank you so much.

There are a few others I need to thank too:

Michelle, Kayla’s Mom over at Big Blueberry Eyes for her Toyraiser for Parker.

Amy, at Bunny Rose Cottage, for her Etsy Shop Fundraiser for Parker.

We’ve received offers of cloth diapers…….thank you Tiffany and Nicole and HennHouse!! Cloth wipes and a beautiful wool soaker…….thanks Pediascribe and Awesome Mom! Not to mention the DVD’s and books that have been offered to help Parker’s recovery time go by easier.

Then there are the emails from those of you who keep Parker in your prayers.

Sometimes it is the the prayers of others that get us through the day.

So to all of you who show your love for Parker in so many ways……

Thank you.


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