I first used Oobleck when I taught science units on solids, liquids and gases. It was great fun to watch the kids eyes grow huge when they realized this was both a solid and a liquid depending on the pressure added to it.


I made up a batch for Parker as a sensory and OT activity.  The usual recipe is 2 cups of corn starch, a few drops of food coloring and enough water to make it the consistency of pancake batter. I chose to make mine much thicker so Parker would really have to use his hands to dig the Oobleck out of the box.

Playing with Oobleck

Parker played with this sensory goop with his hands.  He scooped with spoons and cups.  We even hid a few surprises that Parker needed to dig out.  As your concoction dries you can easily add more water.


A little boy playing with Oobleck

I have to warn you that this isn’t a mess free activity.  But it’s not about the mess, it’s about the learning that comes  from making the mess.

And seriously, it wasn’t anything that a good hosing down couldn’t clean up anyway.

What kind of messy activities do you allow your kids to participate in?

Here are some other great recipes for Oobleck that you might like:

 Lemon Oobleck

Marbled Oobleck

Glow in the Dark Oobleck

Pumpkin Oobleck




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