One Kid Sick

(Before I forget. Stephanie and Angie………THANK YOU. Really. Thank you.)

Parker has been running a fever for the last two days. Last night was rough. 4 liters of O2 to keep his oxygen sats anywhere near the level necessary to keep body and soul together.

Today isn’t looking much better.

As I type, I’m also on hold with my medical supply company. Interesting that when I was pleading for ostomy paste strips they didn’t have any to send. Now they can’t stop sending the stuff. Which we no longer need, btw.

I spend a lot of time banging my head against the wall because of this company. I’m trying to return some of this stuff because just the ostomy paste alone runs almost $500.00. $500.00 of insurance money we simply can’t afford to fridder away on unnecessary items.

Has anybody opened a credit card statement lately to discover their interest rate has doubled from last month to this month? Only a HUGE slight anxiety issue at our house. The card I’m speaking of is the one we used when we were paying out close to $1,000 a month on Parker’s medications that weren’t covered by our insurance.

Oh. And did you know that Medicaid no longer covers Xeopenex nor Pulmicort? I paid $109.00 for Parker’s Xeopenex last weekend.

Fun times, no?

But tonight we will have the opportunity to share all of this with one of our local legislators, Rep. John Dougall. Yep. Rep. Dougall will be coming to our home to discuss some of our concerns about Utah’s proposed Medicaid cuts.

I’d like for him to explain his position on Medicaid funding as he looks straight into Parker’s eyes.

I’ll let you know how it all goes tomorrow, k?

But while you are waiting, skip on over to 5 Minutes For Special Needs and check out some of the exciting new stuff that is going on there. We’ve got a new sponsor that I think you will be really thrilled with.


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