One Kid Sick

It starts with a nagging kind of feeling.

Eyes that look tired, even after plenty of sleep.

A low grade temp that comes and goes with no rhyme or reason.

Energy levels drained before the morning has even begun.

Then the cough. The Pulmicort. The Xeopenx.

The spike of fever in the middle of the night.

The tingle you feel as the tiny hairs on the back of your neck seem to rise with the realization that something is on it’s way.

One Kid Sick.

That’s Parker.

We’re on red alert here. If we take him in too early they’ll just send us back home. If we wait too late it becomes yet another PICU stay. Time truly is of the essence.

We’re praying a certain Brave Hero’s immune system can stave off the new attack.

We’re hoping you’ll pray too.


  1. Lacey and Jax May 8, 09
  2. Suzie May 8, 09
  3. René May 8, 09
  4. Scarehaircare May 8, 09
  5. Renee Garcia May 8, 09
  6. Sue May 8, 09
  7. Chris May 8, 09
  8. Childlife May 8, 09
  9. Childlife May 8, 09
  10. Barbara
    May 8, 09
  11. Devon May 8, 09
  12. Sunny May 8, 09
  13. Shelly May 9, 09
  14. Michelle W. May 9, 09
  15. Amy May 9, 09
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