One day and counting….


This picture was taken by my sweet friend Janice when she came to visit a couple of Saturday’s ago. She came all the way from Canada.

Okay. She came for a local conference, but she scheduled a later flight home so she could come and hang out here. She brought a new friend, Marcel Walker, with her. Marcel is the photographer that took the black and whites I used in my two posts below.

Marcel is planning on coming to visit again soon. This time she’ll be bringing her video camera to document a bit of our Brave Hero’s days.

I can’t wait.

I think Janice captured the magic the world holds for Parker in the shot above. The joy this kid finds in the everyday. His happiness in the moment. And his desire to share that with those around him.

I’m thinking I need to become a lot more like Parker. Work more diligently at developing a heart that holds a little more gentleness.   Then be more willing to extend that gentleness to others.

Tomorrow is cath day. Keep those prayers coming?  The usual emotions that accompany these caths is intensifying.  Prayers for Parker to be able to make it through this procedure without incident would be appreciated.  Along with prayers for the best possible outcome.


We want to keep our Brave Hero here with us for as long as possible.

I received an email yesterday. Pretty unexpected. I haven’t had an opportunity to really sit down and reply. Too much heart cath on my mind. But just in case somebody is wondering, I will. And I appreciate their reaching out.


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