On the Third Day of Christmas

Saturday night a surprise was discovered on our front porch.

And that was just the beginning.


A certain unknown Pixie is sharing with our family a little joy of the season.


With a sprinkling of magic and rhyme our home is blessed with the spirit of Christmas.

My kids are loving it.

Even the all grown up ones.


All of us find ourselves anticipating what the next night will bring.

It’s nice to know that there are many who hold on to our family with love. I can count many the days where only by the love and prayers of others does inspiration flow, ends meet and ravaged nerves start to soothe.

And yet there are those who choose not to believe in the power of prayer.

Or that miracles exist.


Even when looking directly into the face of one.

We are humbled by your prayers. The support shown for our Brave Hero makes our hearts sing.

Thank you for believing.


  1. Marie Dec 15, 09
  2. Heidi Dec 15, 09
  3. Paige Dec 16, 09
  4. Emily Dec 15, 09
  5. Kaci Dec 16, 09
  6. Bunny Rose Cottage Dec 16, 09
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