On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Santa came to deliver the Sixth Day of Christmas !

I’d LOVE to show you pictures of Parker and Santa, except when he came I was in the back of the house working and didn’t hear him.

And a certain Dad, by the name of REED, didn’t let me know so I could grab my camera and start snapping!

Ahhhhh!    SO disappointed.  A little kid who can’t go to see Santa, who then has Santa come to him is HUGE!

I may forgive Reed.  One day.  I’m still thinking about it.

Santa delivered a couple of take and bake pizzas.  My family’s favorite kind!  And just as we were about to bake them we noticed something odd…..

…..our oven had died.

Bit the dust.

Gone to where ever it is that the spirit of dead ovens hang out.

Luckily Reed was able to pinpoint what (we hope) is the problem, and sometime next week we’ll be able to bake those pizzas.   My kids keeping opening up the freezer door and drooling.



Just as I pressed publish, as quiet as a mouse, our Elf made a Seventh stop, right to our house.


Looks as though we’ll be having an ice cream bar along with that pizza dinner.


Thank you Santa.


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    Dec 21, 10
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