On the corner of Walmart

I needed to  grab a few quick things the other day.  As I headed to the shopping area I noticed three people asking for help on the corner of Walmart.  It isn’t unusual for me to see someone on that corner of Walmart in need of food or money for fuel, or once even a Mama in need of diapers and formula for her baby.

But it was unusual to see three different people, two men and one woman on each corner of the entrance to the Walmart  parking lot.  Three.

My first thought was of the economy and how hard it has been for people.

Then I wondered about all the times I’ve heard people say that these people standing on the corner of Walmart are panhandlers, out to rip people off, or too lazy to get a job.

I’m sure some of them are.

I’m sure many of them aren’t.

It’s so much easier to be critical when our own stomachs are full.

Sometimes you’ve just got to trust when you hear that still small voice whisper to your heart.

While what I have to give may not be much, it really doesn’t matter.

It is still my responsibility….and opportunity… to help when and where I can, whether the need is in my own neighborhood, or standing on the corner of Walmart.

On the Corner of WalMart Special Needs Blogger

I learned this lesson from the best…..my Dad.

When we lived in Turkey there were those in desperate need on every corner. People without legs, dressed in rags, sitting on cheaply made scooters using hand weights to get them where they needed to go.   It wasn’t unusual to see Mamas digging through garbage cans to feed their children.

Turkey is a country with no social safety nets.  My Dad would often stop and give to those he could.  Often our Turkish friends would chastise my Dad for this saying that these people didn’t deserve his help.  My Dad would simply say that it was  his responsibility….. and his opportunity….. to help when and where he could. 

Special Needs Blogger

There have been those who have trusted Reed and I in our goals to provide for Parker.

Who am I not to do the same for another?

The example of those who give has made such an impression on my kids.  My married kids have commented on how they want to follow in the footsteps of those who have shared with our family by living in such a way that they will have the means to help others.

I think I’ll follow my heart when it whispers that because I have been given much, I too much give.  I know from experience that I’ll be in good company each and every time I do.  Even when I find someone in need standing on the corner WalMart.











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