Obamacare: An Informal Poll

Last night Reed came home and told me about a friend of his that recently moved to California.  This friend just received a letter from his insurance company informing him that due to Obmacare his costs for insurance just went up to………..

:drum roll:

$1,500 a MONTH.  For two adults.  TWO.

*gasp* *hack* *stunned silence*

I guess that there are so many in California who are unemployed and who will be receiving government credits for purchasing Obamacare, that those who are employed might just start wishing they weren’t.

Honestly, in our house the topic of insurance is one heck of a potential panic attack trigger.

Our costs have gone up as well.  To many our increase may not seem like much, but for us it was still a hit.

A little boy with special needs playing with puzzles

I will admit that I do like the fact that due to Obamacare Parker can’t get kicked off our private insurance.   Even before Parker I was a supporter of social safety nets for the weakest among us.

And while I hear from friends that their private insurance costs have gone down to Obamacare, I’ve heard way more that have gone up.

I don’t want to make this a debate of the pros and cons of Obamacare.  I know this topic is a very sensitive one, especially for parents of medically fragile kids with special needs.

So I just want to ask, has Obamacare lowered or raised your health insurance costs? 



  1. kadiera
    Oct 23, 13
    • Tammy and Parker Oct 23, 13
  2. bluejuliej Oct 23, 13
    • Tammy and Parker Oct 23, 13
      • bluejuliej Oct 24, 13
  3. Annika Oct 23, 13
  4. kadiera
    Oct 23, 13
  5. krlr Oct 23, 13
  6. krlr Oct 23, 13
  7. sue Oct 24, 13
  8. Stacy Oct 26, 13
  9. Wendy Oct 27, 13
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