No Words Needed

Having a non-verbal child can be challenging.

Imagine trying to figure out what Parker wants when he’s needs are outside his signing vocabulary or the pictures on his Tap to Talk.

Parker’s not  good at telling me what or where hurts, or identifying what is making him angry or sad.


Often when Parker needs something, I can quiet my mind, and focus in on his specific need.  I’ll get a vision in my mind, a feeling in my heart and  words make their way into my head and I begin to discern what it is that Parker is in need of.

Is that Twilight Zone music playing in the background for you yet?

I can’t feel Parker’s heart when I’m upset or I’ve allowed myself to get involved in too much doing.

I have to be living slowly.



I have to be putting what is most important first.

I go through times when  I think about starting  amazing schools for those with special needs, creating websites where parents can trade their unused supplies, lobbying for the lives of the weakest amongst us.

Good causes, all.  But it’s a fine line between being in tune with Parker’s heart and caught up in too much doing.

Ultimately I’ll be reminded of how important my attention to Parker ‘s now is.  Of how much there is to learn about recognizing the spirit.

It’s then that I place a bookmark to keep my list of  ‘maybe one days‘  handy.

And I’ll be thankful for all that right in this very moment.

What about you?  Do you have a way of just knowing what your child needs……no words needed?


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