Nice Try

I had a meeting with Parker’s new OT today. An OT works with fine motor skills and feeding skills. If Parker were healthy enough to go to preschool he would get 30 minutes once of week of OT time. But since Parker is not healthy enough to go to school, the law states that he is entitled to that same amount of therapy here at home.

Enter new OT. New OT that promptly wants to be totally upfront with me and let me know what he is and isn’t willing to provide for Parker as far as services go.

Drat those pesky laws that very clearly outline what Parker is ENTITLED to! This OT is informing me of what Parker will and will not receive as per HIS say so.

Now I could bore you to tears with a transcript of our almost 2.5 hour meeting. But I’ll just put everything in a simple list from for your reading enjoyment:

OT does not feel a need to formally evaluate Parker. Based on a less than 3 minute previous phone call OT knows all he needs to about Parker and his needs. Damn! OT is pretty good, eh?

Based on this same phone call, OT feels that throwing out a handful of activities for Parker to be engaged in for the entire ONE YEAR LENGTH of his individualized educational program will be sufficient. OT will however allow me a QUARTERLY phone call of 30 minutes if I have any questions or need anymore activities thrown my way.

And if I happen to go over my alloted 30 minute time period OT will be gracious enough not to cut me off in mid sentence.

OT feels that it would be a waste of his time to come out and work one on one with Parker as he has no way of knowing if I will follow through on a daily basis. When I assure OT that Parker is still alive BECAUSE I am known to follow through on things, OT then responds that since I will be doing these things with Parker everyday that just proves how unnecessary it really is for OT to come to our home.

When I express total shock at the shotgun approach to teaching Parker and that I knew, for a fact that it was OT’s responsibility to lay out a step by step game plan with WRITTEN goals and objectives, OT conceeds to email me a few goals…..sometime.

OT will never once…..not once……need to be here to evaluate Parker’s progress in person. Any evaluations can and will be done over the phone.

OT believes that it is better for him to NEVER come out to our home as the less therapists that Parker sees the less chance Parker has of getting sick. I reassured OT that as long as he doesn’t come to our home with obvious signs of illness and washes his hands before working with Parker that Parker will, indeed, be fine. OT looks at me blankly as he changes the subject.

OT is not comfortable with working with Parker on ANY oral motor skills. Period. This includes issues with tongue placement, oral motor strength……..anything.

When I ask how children who have issues similar to Parker’s, yet are healthy enough to go to school, are taught oral motor skills, OT says that they are in a ‘controlled’ environment with a certified teacher and trained Para.

When I remind OT that I am a certified teacher and trained in trach cares, trach CPR etc., OT pretends deafness.

OT is not willing to bring any toys from any of his schools for Parker to use for therapy…….because OT is unwilling to clean toys for Parker’s use. When I explain to OT that I have plenty of Clorox wipes to clean stuff off with, OT totally ignores me and states that it is better for Parker to have his own stuff.

OT then hands me pages printed off of a website of items that OT is willing to endorse as being good for Parker to use. BUT, I am to understand that in NO way is OT telling me that I have to provide Parker with the therapy tools Parker needs…….even though OT has just informed me that he will in no way provide therapy items for Parker’s use.

After being told that what OT is putting on the table is unacceptable, OT says that he could, maybe come to my home and watch ME work with Parker if that makes me feel better. OT could give me more ideas of things to do.

OT then thinks for a moment and tells me that it wouldn’t make much sense for him to come all the way out to my house just to hand me a sheet of paper, so instead of coming to our house OT will just email me.

I point blank questioned OT on several things. Each time I got rationalizations more ridiculous than the last. In doing some research I discover this is a technique employed by said OT on many occasions. Most parents simply refuse to receive services from this guy and that is that.

I might not know squat about medical issues, but Education is our family business. Literally. From me, my Mom to Reed’s Dad, 2 brothers and a sister in law. And…..hello…..Reed is a PRINCIPAL thankyouverymuch. Education is what we do. I know the laws. I know what Parker is entitled to.

I can also identify a flaming idiot standing in my home as he tries to tell me that HE gets to set the services Parker receives.

Think about it. With a courage and grace beyond anything I could display this kid has fought for his life. He works ten times as hard to master a skill that for typical kids takes no more than a few tries to achieve success.

I have a cabinet that has two doors I have tied closed with a pieced of wide ribbon. Parker likes what is in that cabinet. Upon discovering that ribbon Parker sets to using his fingers and teeth to get the knot out. It took him 45 minutes, but he did it. And I let him make as big of a mess as he wanted. He earned it.

Why would I ever accept what this OT is willing to provide for Parker? He doesn’t get to pick and choose. There are laws to follow. This guy works for Parker.

Poor OT. He has absolutely no idea that he has mucked with the wrong Mommy. I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

Almost anyway.


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