We took Parky to the doctor tonight.

Have I told you how EXCELLENT our pediatrician is? I mean amazingly EXCELLENT? As you know, compared to simply EXCELLENT?

Well. She is.

After watching Parker for awhile she feels strongly that it is time to address the issues of a NISSEN and a G-TUBE.

We had been warned that this was most likely the next course of action. But the surgeon wasn’t real thrilled about a surgical site so close to Parker’s ostomy site. But since Parker is rapidly losing weight from not being able to tolerate his feeds PLUS trying to make himself throw up from the discomfort of the reflux the next course of action needs to be sooner rather than later.

Then there is also the worry of whether Parker’s PH levels are at a place where he could withstand surgery for a Nissen and G-tube placement.

I’m not sure that I am emotionally prepared for another surgery complete with PICU stay. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we aren’t financially ready for another surgery with a PICU stay. Oh. And look. There is Christmas right around the corner.

Parker spent his first Christmas in the hospital. And the days after his second Christmas in the PICU.


BUT, reflux is a major cause of PH and you know where Parker’s PH levels have been. So if the meds aren’t working then surgery is our only other option.

Yeah. I’m stressing. I really don’t think my nerves have fully healed from this summer’s hospital experience.

In other medical news, Parker’s crit is 30. At 28 we transfuse. His electrolytes are all over the place so we are stopping the lasix for a couple of days, adding in a few Pedialyte boluses and retesting on Thursday.

They suctioned some of the loverly stuff from his trach to check for RSV and a few other viral bugs.

Parker is snoozing in his safe room. My heart aches with love for this little bit of humanity who has been asked to endure so much in his short time here.

And I am off to find where in the heck I put that never ending bottle of nerve pills. I’m gonna need ’em.


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