My footprints on the path.

I’ve always been really transparent on this blog.   Sometimes Reed has looked at me and asked, ‘are you sure you want to share that?’

I’ve shared because, well….

1)  For those who might be contemplating ending the life of a child with Down syndrome even before it began.  All of Parker’s health issues really aren’t typical for a kid with Ds, and I wanted the world to know that if Parker’s life was worth living, then the life of their  child born, or unborn, was also worth living.

2) I wanted to let other parents know that they weren’t alone.

3) I wanted to show ‘the other side’ what life on this side of the diagnosis was like…. in a very real way.



Recently I’ve had something happen that has made me realize that perhaps I’ve been too transparent.   And of course there always seems to be someone in the wings waiting to take advantage of that. Trying to trip you up when you know you’ve nothing to hide.

This youngest kid of mine is amazing.  The journey, while sometimes rough, is ever so worth it.

I look at Parker now, a strapping (okay, you get my gist) young man of 7, and I look at all the new littles traveling this same road.  I often think of the Mamas before us who refused to put their child in an institution, creating their own educational and therapy programs because for their child none existed.


I want to help pave the road that makes life for all kids with special needs more inclusive and much less exclusive.

I want my footprints to join in with the ones ahead of me and the ones behind me, knowing that while we may be separated by our generations our hearts are and will always be one.


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