My Brand of Crazy

Parker is scheduled for a trach/vent clinc for tomorrow.  We’ve had this appointment for months.

The beauty of a trach/vent clinic appointment is that you have the attention of BOTH your ENT AND your Pulmo at. the. same. time.

For a Mama trying to keep her  medically fraglile kid with special needs alive, two doctors in the same room at the same time talking about YOUR kid is like Christmas, Easter and your birthday all rolled into one.

I really trust both Parker’s ENT and Pulmo.  So imagine my surprise when I get a phone message last night reminding me of Parker’s appointment with a totally different pulmonologist.  One I’ve never even heard of, or at least remember.

So, bright and early this morning to call up to Primary’s to try and see what is going on.  Why we are seeing doctor B instead of Doctor A who Parker has always seen.

I’m connected to The Queen of All Scheduling.

It’s my lucky day!

Or not.

I’m told that there is no record of Parker ever seeing Doctor A.  And don’t I know that both Doctor A and Doctor B switch off on who does trach clinic?  And, really, doctor B has been a pulmonologist for 20 years, so what is my problem anyway?

Ahem.  If I would have known that this was Doctor B’s week to do trach clinic I would have asked to be scheduled for later when Doctor A was available.

I’m HUGE when it comes to having Parker stick with the doctors that make up his team.  That is why they are a part of Parker’s team.

The team that keeps my kid alive.

And alive is how I just happen to prefer my kids.

Well,” the Queen of All Scheduling informs me, “you are totally screwed then.”  “Unless perhaps Parker’s PCP is willing to call her back and tell them that a meeting with Doctor A is indeed a good thing.”

Because Parker’s PCP rocks and is the main reason he is still with us, (and totally understands my crazy where Parker is concerned), I knew she would be on board with this plan and called her.  We discussed a plan and went to implement it.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans…    To make a frustrating story shorter, because The Queen of All Scheduling didn’t quite have her facts straight, and since the appointment with Doctor B has already been reassigned, we won’t be seeing ANY ONE from pulmo tomorrow.

So no answers as to whether the high levels of ph during the cath could have affected the results.  No scheduling of a potential new sleep study to see how the trach leaks on the vent.

No room of Parker’s specialists pow-wowing in Parker’s behalf all. together. in. the. same. room.



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