Montessori Inspired Snow Art Activities

What do a toilet paper roll, potato masher and a bit of big bubble wrap have in common?  They  all helped in our Montessori inspired snow art activities!


Montessori inspired manipulatives found around the house.

The snow found us yesterday.  All 14+ inches of it.  It began early in the morning and didn’t let up the entire day.

I took Parker out for a few minutes.  Snow is one of his sight words this month.  It’s always great to be able to match the word up to the actual white stuff.  Even if there were places deep enough for him to disappear into.

a little boy with Down syndrome

There was a time, not so long ago, when the feel of raindrops or the thought of snowflakes coming down on Parker would have freaked out his hyper-sensitivities.  Thankfully we moved past that and he found the snowflakes nothing less than magical.

making snowflakes with toilet paper rolls

I took an empty toilet paper roll and cut the ends so the resembled the petals of a flower.  Then Parker dipped the end into white paint and tapped it onto blue paper.


Using a potato masher to paint snowflakes

Then he took my MIL’s old potato masher, dipped it into paint and painted snowflakes!  I love how these turned out in our Montessori inspired snowflake art activities!

We did the same thing with the bubble wrap.  I used the wrap with big bubbles, but I’m sure the smaller bubbled wrap would be fun too!

Montessori inspired snowflake art

Top left are the snowflakes made with our potato masher.  Top right are snowflakes made from bubble wrap.  Bottom picture show the toilet paper roll snowflakes.

I posted yesterday about finding manipulatives for Parker that didn’t cost money.  Taking the time to look around my house provided LOTS of Montessori inspired manipulatives.

Parker from Praying for Parker

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