Today was just one of those days that started out badly and got progressively worse. Tomorrow can only be better.

I hope.

I did manage to get some of my ebay stuff listed. It’s RIGHT HERE if anyone is interested.

Here’s to a tomorrow without multiple ostomy bag explosions, snarky health care workers, medical supply orders sent INCORRECTLY for the FIFTH time.

Yeah. Those Depends are big enough to totally gift wrap Parker in.

And….uh…..our order was for OSTOMY supplies thankyouverymuch.

I could also use a break from a certain exceptionally selfish and rude 12 year old that lives at my house. Luckily school starts up again tomorrow.

Hey. I’ve never claimed to be Mother of the Year.


  1. Jenn Oct 15, 07
  2. Sue Searles Oct 16, 07
  3. The Wiz Oct 16, 07
  4. Carey Oct 16, 07
  5. Kathleen Marie Oct 16, 07
  6. Melissa Oct 16, 07
  7. Rebecca Oct 16, 07
  8. Chris Oct 16, 07
  9. Barb Oct 16, 07
  10. mum2brady Oct 19, 07
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