Parker had an okay night last night.

Reed stayed  at Primary’s so I could come home and shower today.

And do some laundry.

And clean up my poor house some.

My Mom is here today to help me try and get things back in order.

Afterwards I’ll back up and take over for Reed.

Well, first I need to see if I can’t buy some groceries and fill up the fuel tank.

If anyone thinks that being a Mom isn’t the most important job ever, should take a look at all the bodies that rely on me keeping them not only alive, but in clean clothes.

Cause, you know, their hands are only glued on.


Then, I’ll head back up to PCMC and take over Parker Patrol.  Which should be interesting because Parker still wasn’t talking to me when  I left last night.

He would just squint his eyes shut and sign Dad.   Have I ever mentioned that Parker never signs Dad.  Unless he is in the hospital.

Cause whenever Parker’s in the hospital it is sooo MY fault.

Don’t believe me?

Ask Parker.


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