Mixing Up Preschool Potions

We’ve been busy on the homeschooling front. Lots of learning going on.


Ever painted with Jello?


It’s easy. Really. Just add a small amount of water to the Jello. Just enough to get it to a painting consistency.


Using paint brushes, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and whatever else looks like great fun (rolling pins!) your little one can create a one of a kind masterpiece.

And best of all? You can eat your paint.


Continuing our exploration into colors I made some red and green ice cubes using food coloring.


Adding these in to a warm tub while Parker takes his bath allows him to do some color exploration by both sight and tough. They melt quickly, but that’s okay. The smile they leave stay on Parker’s face for quite awhile.

Next week we have lots of doctor appointments for our Brave Hero. The most important, and terrifying, is his echo and ekg on Tuesday. This will let us know how Parker’s PH levels are.

Our family will be praying for good results on Tuesday. We’d love for you to keep Parker in your prayers as well.


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