Mini Balloon Button: G-Tube Request

I won’t deny it.  Parker is hard on g-tubes.  He’s very active and often this winds up springing a leak in the Mini Button he uses to receive his nutrition through.


Usually, with our old supply company they would allow me to order three buttons….one to use then, and two to have on hand.

You know that old saying?  One is none and two is one.

Well, it really applies to g-tubes.

Especially when these suckers have a history of coming to you with a defect.

Oh, we’ve been told it all.  Keep your receipt.  Log the expiration date, the date you placed it and the date it failed.  Include pics.  And then the wonderful home health company would replace it.

Except they didn’t.  On several occasions.

Then there are days like Saturday when you notice something on the floor and wonder what it is. As you get closer, you realize it’s your kid’s G-TUBE that sprung a leak and FELL OUT. A g-tube that was only 2 months old.

The NEW company is telling me that they will allow us ONE A QUARTER.  And if that one FAILS, to use a Folley to keep the stomach stoma open and race my kid to the emergency room.

Hellooooo, Stupidity.

Having an extra or two on hand would save the cost of an ER visit.  Especially since the hospital we would need to take him to is almost an hour away.

I’ve tried my usual Special Needs Underground sources, but nobody has any extra Mini Buttons.  So I thought I’d ask here if anyone has any extra……or knows of a supply exchange that may have one.

The ability to both feed you kid and keep him hydrated AND give him is meds via a g-tube is kinda important.  Especially if he aspirates on any an everything that passes his two lips.

I’d go out and just purchase a couple.  Except they are something like $200.00 each.

A wee bit more than I have at this moment.  Or any other to tell you the truth.

So, if you have any leads……lemme know?  Pretty please?

PS: Parker could also use some trach masks and Thermovent Ts. Seems as though one Thermovent should last an entire day. Unless, of course, your kid can huck a luggie the size of a plum. Just sayin’.


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