Medical Bills and The Pantry Principal

If there was one thing I’ve been so thankful for while trying to be able to afford Parker, is the fact that I’ve always been a HUGE believer in the The Pantry Principal, the brain child of Amy Dacyczyn, author of The Tightwad Gazette Series.

In a nutshell, The Pantry Principal is all about shopping to fill your fridge, freezer and pantry with bulk purchased and sale priced staples.  Then you create your meals from what you have in your pantry.

And of course, what you purchase would be items you KNOW your family likes and will eat.

Because often the only wiggle room we have in our budget falls under the category of ‘groceries’, it’s nice to know that when a rough month hits, you eat from your pantry and use that month’s grocery money towards other bills.

In our case it’s usually medical bills or other items Parker needs.

One of my freezer staples is chicken.  And it just so happened that a local grocery store was offering flash frozen chicken breasts for $1.49 a pound.  A SCREAMING deal around here.

The only catch?  you had to buy a lot.


A whole lot.


So I would know how many chicken meals I had on hand, I broke the big bags into meal sized bags.

I did some bags of 8 chicken breasts (for Sunday dinners) and some bags of 4. I use the bags of 4 for soup night, or casseroles, and then I save a couple back for salads the next night.

That way I get two meals with just having to cook the meat once.


You will want to label and date your bags.

Man. I wish I could have purchased a few more boxes of these breasts! Drat!

Another way to help fill your pantry is to combine sales and coupons. I’m not as big of a couponer as I used to be because I cook from scratch so much.


But sometimes a deal comes a long to make you change your rules.


Pillsbury Brownie Mixes. Ninety cents a box.

Except, there were coupons that saved you $1.00 for every two boxes of brownies you purchased.

Making the brownies FORTY cents a box.

I may have purchased a box. Or four.

I found my coupons on ebay. But you can also download coupons from Or ask your neighbors if you can have their Sunday coupons if they aren’t using them.

A GREAT place to match up sales to coupons? Pinching Your

So. What about you? Do you utilize The Pantry Principal? How do you save money on groceries in order to free up money for other items?

PS:  With food prices going up the way they have lately, stocking your pantry is a pretty smart idea.

PSS:  Make sure you read what Christine has to say in the comments below!  Pretty Amazing!


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