Making Your Own Green Cleaners: Orange Infused Vinegar

I was in the health food store looking at the all natural cleaners.  After I picked my mouth up off the floor (how much can you charge for baking soda and vinegar, anyway?) and gently put the bottle back on the shelf, I got to thinking.

Yeah, I know….scary, huh?

I use a lot of vinegar to clean with.  Because of Parker’s trashed lungs, I have to be very careful with cleaning products.  Alas, vinegar isn’t the aromatic of cleaners, iykwim.

I remembered when I used to made all kinds of infused vinegars to cook with.  My favorite?  A cranberry/orange vinegar.  All I did was slice oranges, throw in some cranberries and cover with white vinegar from Costco.

Now cranberries may not be know for their cleaning abilities, but orange oil is.

And so the idea of my experiment was born.


This time of year I always either have oranges or Cuties in my fridge. I often peel a bunch of these up and put them in a bowl on the counter for an after school treat.  Cause, if my family actually has to peel their own, they’d never get eaten.


This time, instead of throwing the peels out onto the frozen tundra that is my garden, I put them in a mason jar.

Then I covered them with white vinegar, stuck a lid on the jar and gave it a week or so.


The next step was to strain off the vinegar and put it into a spray bottle….and get to work!


I was really impressed with how well it cleaned. It cleaned the gunk off my stove after somebody ( I won’t mention any names….) fried a couple of eggs for egg sandwiches.


It even made short work of the disgusting that is often found inside my microwave. (HOW hard is it to cover your dish with a paper towel from the roll I KEEP IN THE MICROWAVE?)

I can’t say that the smell of my orange vinegar was reflected only oranges. (If you would like a stronger scent of orange, just add a few drops of orange essential oil. It’s cheap and smells great.) But I do think infusing the vinegar with orange peels did help with it’s ability to clean off greasy stuff.

I plan on continuing to make this stuff.  I really like it.

What about you?  What kind of cleaners do you make yourself?


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