Make Your Own Sensory Table On The CHEAP!

It started with a post on Ikea Hackers.

After picking up my jaw over the prices of standing sensory tables I went on a hunt for a DIY version of a sensory table.

Okay. So this one isn’t as grand as the ones with the $200.00 price tags.

But when form runs you more than a week’s worth of groceries, function becomes more and more appealing.

The 24 year old and I made a trip to Ikea and picked up this Rast shelving.

It was kinda eerie how well my 24 year old knew her way around Ikea.  All I could wonder was, “When does this store END?”



Can I get an Amen!

Because we will use this for water activities too, I wanted to put a protective coat on it. So we grabbed a can of Ikea’s lineseed oil stuff. A couple of coats thrown on after we got home. It smelled so bad that I to leave it out in the garage for almost a week to air out.

Next time I’d just grab a can of spray polyacrylic.


The beauty of Ikea is that you can assemble your own furniture with just this little thingie.


For the actual sensory tub I grabbed a Slugis container. Because these were on closeout at my Ikea I picked up two….just in case.

$5.00 each.


These are the PERFECT size.



A sensory table for $20.00. Well, and about .50 cents worth of a really stinky waterproof coating.

Okay. And tax.

And the gas money to drive to Ikea.

And the cost of  the chocolate bars I wound up buying too. (Ikea has CHOCOLATE!)  Have I mentioned I’ve been stressed out of my mind over this cath tomorrow?

But, you get my point.

I didn’t do any of the fancy painting that is shown over on Ikea Hackers. Cause I’ve been lazy like that lately.

And reeeeallly stressed.

Did I mention that Ikea has Chocolate?

So, what have you made lately to help your kid learn?


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    Aug 4, 11
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