Lunch with Utah Legislators and YOU’RE invited!

Parents of medically fragile kids with special needs have been invited  to have  lunch with Senator  Dan and Representative Holly Richardson after the Appropriations sub-committee meeting on July 21 in American Fork.


 What:  Lunch with a couple of Utah Legislators.

When:   July 21  12:30 to 2:00  We are thinking of Zuppas or if we have a larger group moving the venue to Los Hermanos.  (Everyone will need to pay for their own lunch.)

Why:  Follow up discussion on Medicaid, Waivers, and keeping our kids alive.

 “We want you (all of you) to feel heard. You’re important. In fact, you are the MOST important people we serve.” ~Representative Holly Richardson

If you are thinking you may attend, leave me a comment or email me at!


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