Love In The Form Of Wall Art

One of my all time favorite responsibilities is being the Managing Editor for 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

I’ve met so many incredible people. Other Moms who are experiencing first hand what we are with insurance companies, legislators, Medicaid, and worry.

Families who adore and are determined to provide the best education, medical treatment and advocacy for their children.

But you don’t have to be a parent of a medically fragile child or a child with special needs to have a tender spot in your heart for all they go through.

I received an email from Stephanie a few weeks ago. She and her husband, Michael own My Wonderful Stephanie and Michael create amazing (and I truly mean amazing) art in the form or nursery murals and childrens murals.

I know because I have one of their personalized pieces just waiting to go up on the wall in Parker’s playroom. My Mom’s coming over today to help me decide the best place and best way to hang this masterpiece.

Yeah. We love it THAT much.

I’d like to invite each of you to go over to 5 Minutes For Special Needs and read not only about YOUR opportunity to WIN a mural of your own, but how you can participate in a program that will make it possible for childrens murals to be donated to other kids in need. (You can see the button for this project in Parker’s left sidebar.)

It is a pretty amazing opportunity. And it comes straight from Stephanie and Micheal’s heart.

How incredible is that?


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