Love At First Sight

I love this face.


It makes my world go ’round.


Workin’ on mastering his name!  He’s doing great!

Parker’s name sign is the sign for ‘brave.‘  Pretty fitting, don’t you think?


We’ve been holding our breath, afraid that Parker may be getting sick.

There’s no way I could put Parker through such an intensive surgery this week if I thought that he was even kinda, maybe coming down with something.


Parker’s most favorite stuffie is this little pink nosed bunny. Which kinda makes Parker’s uber macho Daddy a wee bit nutso…..hee,hee.

It took me forever to get Reed to finally wear a pink dress shirt to school. Then at lunch time that day a little first grader came up to Reed and said, “Hey, Mr. Hodson!” “Did you know that you are wearing a GIRL shirt?” “Pink is for GIRLS!”

Thanks kid. I’ll most likely never get Reed back in that shirt again. I LOVE guys in pink. sigh.

Parker’s cardiologist called last night to discuss Thurday’s surgery.   He told me to make sure the anesthesiologist used lots of oxygen and had lots of NO2 available during the surgery.  Then he told me that when I found out who the anesthesiologist was going to be to have that anesthesiologist page him before the surgery started.

He wants to talk to them himself.

Thursday is going to be a wee bit stressful.


I’ve got a Missionary coming home on the 22nd. This means I need to have my freezer stocked full of cookies. It was a promise I made Brant two years ago.


Lots and lots and lots of cookies. Tonight will be Snickerdoodles, then those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s kiss on top and then gingerbread men!

Back when Brant was too little to see the top of the kitchen counters, I’d always spot this little had searching for cookies as I baked them. I always made sure I put some at the very edge of the counter…..right in Brant’s easy reach.

That teeny little guy is now almost 6’3″

And he still loves his Mama’s cookies.

Guess who came to see Parker yesterday?


It was love at first sight.

For them both.


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