Looking for a few good bloggers……

UPDATE: As of Sunday, I’ve passed on all of your names to Yumi.  You should be getting emails with codes enclosed!  Make sure to add a disclaimer to the end of your post telling that this is a sponsored post that you were compensated for and that you received your application from free.  This makes the FDA boys happy.  😀

A few weeks ago I hosted a review/giveaway for a great communication application on the iPhone and iTouch called Voice4u.

I shared the story of Yumi, the creator of Voice4u, and her struggle to provide her son with a communication system.

Finally Yumi decided to take the issue into her own hands. She spoke with engineers, therapists, doctors and teachers, and all of these people were able to help her create Voice4u.



Thinking at first that it would be a personal application just for her son with autism, Yumi soon realized that people around the world with disabilities should use Voice4u too, since they all need the support.



Yumi is looking for a few good bloggers who would be interested in trying out Voice4u for themselves and then hosting a review/giveaway on their blogs.   It would be a sponsored post, which means you would be compensated for your time.  You would also receive a free application for one of your readers to win!

If you are interested in participating,  just leave me a comment.  Please include your email addy as well as your website addy and I’ll get in touch with you with all of the details!


  1. Erin Feb 26, 10
  2. Kara Feb 26, 10
  3. joy Feb 26, 10
  4. mamikaze
    Feb 26, 10
  5. Penny Feb 26, 10
  6. Renee Garcia Feb 26, 10
  7. Heidi Feb 26, 10
  8. Stephanie Feb 26, 10
  9. Heidi Feb 26, 10
  10. ultimateteacher Feb 26, 10
  11. Deana Feb 26, 10
  12. Nancy Feb 26, 10
  13. Carey Feb 27, 10
  14. starrlife Feb 27, 10
  15. Kathryn Feb 27, 10
  16. Barbara
    Feb 27, 10
  17. Kathryn Feb 27, 10
  18. Janis Feb 27, 10
  19. Joy Mar 23, 10
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