Livin’ On Love

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I know. It’s the same old song.  I feel as though I’ve been singing it for years now.

Money is tight.


We have saved sooo much money with cloth diapers?  My personal favorite?  The brown and blue GAD in the top left hand part of the pic.

We don’t use credit anymore.  Either it’s cash, or nothing.  Reed is adamant that we never find ourselves back in the place we are trying so hard to climb out of.  We are hoping that one day we find that elusive light at the end of the  medical bill tunnel.

But there are times when we could swear that end has been moved further back despite our best efforts.

I’ve changed my shopping habits over the last couple of years.  Best thing I’ve ever done.


Freezing and dehydrating fruits and veggies is another excellent decision I made.

I’m digging deep in the depths of my creativity to come up with meal ideas.  I’m feeling fortunate for the fact that many things I can make instead of needing to go out and purchase.

I’ve learned to use meat sparingly.  To look at it as a more of a condiment rather than the main idea of a meal.  And, believe it or not, my family has been fine with this.

When I make a grocery list, I match it up to my monthly menu of potential dinners.  I scrutinize that list.  Then I scrutinize that menu.  Are there things I could do without?  Are there items on that list that I could make myself or substitute with something I already have on hand?

When trying to make it to the end of the shoestring, I find it more than just a little bit satisfying to be able to use only what I have on hand to meet the needs of my family.

As I make something out of nothing,  I envision the day when the end of that tunnel’s light begins to shine on our faces.


Super cheap-0 yard saled plates, painted with left over spray paint.  These will be going up on a wall near me very soon.

My perspective  has changed  much over these last 6 years.  My ability to do more with less has helped to infuse me with a brand of confidence that I never knew before.

Yeah, we may be living on love over here.

But we are rich in so many ways.

In what ways are you and your family rich?  How have you found ways to create something out of next to nothing?  I’d love to know!

PS:  I’m also over here today trying to find My Voice.


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