Learning how to spell your name…

I should have named him Bill.  Not only less letters, but easier to write too.

But we’re working on it.

Let me show you how.


I printed Parker’s name in watercolor chalks.


Then Parker took a watercolor brush and ‘painted’ over his name, making the colors much more brilliant. The brilliance of which I couldn’t capture on camera, of course.

Have you seen the puzzles that you can have made of your child’s name? Have you ever noticed that they always seem to be done in all upper case letters?

Well, I kinda made my own. More of a template really. And the upper case P really looks like a lower case one. But on with the story.


Here’s the template (laminated) using regular refrigerator magnets.


Using our beloved felt letters.


Traced in glitter glue. I broke down and purchased these bottles that make it sooo much easier for Parker to be able to squeeze out the glue. Genius!


And because my template is laminated, after the glitter glue dries it peels right off giving yet another name spelling opportunity.  Two-fers rock, eh?

I have several other ideas I wanted to show you. Alas, our nurse called off today.

Maybe next week.


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    Jan 13, 12
  4. Claire Jan 16, 12
  5. jenny - sugar loco
    Jan 17, 12
  6. Caroldean Neves Jan 17, 12
  7. Sarah V. Jan 23, 12
  8. ladyguinevere Feb 3, 12
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