Learning About Leaves!


We’ve been doing lots of Fall activities here at Parker’s Preschool. This activity started with me drawing a tree and then having Parker paint it.


I love these paints from Discount School Supply. No messes. And they require Parker to use some squeeze muscles to get the paint out.


I bought a cheap-o bag of fake leaves from the dollar store and then cut them off the vine thing they came on. A quick dip in some Elmer’s and……..


then our Brave Hero placed them on his tree. Okay, he threw about 5 of them first. But THEN he put them on his tree. sigh.

Parker is so proud of his masterpiece! He even went up to it several times and signed ‘tree’.

Which makes cleaning up all those glue covered leaves worth the effort.

(To switch things up you could easily use whole real leaves, or real leaves that have been crunched and broken up…….think of the pieces of leaves as really big pieces of glitter. Don’t forget you leaf cookie cutters or stamps too!)

Books we are reading:


Fall Leaves Fall! ~Zoe Hall


Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf ~Lois Elhert


Leaf Man ~Lois Ehlert


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