Ladybug, Ladybug

ETA:  No ladybugs were squashed (or swallowed!) during the making of this post.

When you are a little kid who has been cooped up in either a hospital bed or a tiny ‘safe’ room for the vast majority of your life, everything in the great outdoors seems like a marvelous wonder.

Even teeny little ladybugs.


We started with some garden center purchased ladies that had been hibernating in my fridge for over a week just waiting for some warm temperatures.

Even though I made sure to point out to all of my kids that the contents of this tub were BUGS and not to be eaten, each time I opened the fridge door I would notice that the lid had been lifted up and the contents inspected as to their actual edibility.

Anybody else have kids who have yet to figure out the advantages of reading the label?


Parker was willing to dig in.  While I’ll admit that Parker needs some work on the ‘touch softly’ idea, I’m thrilled at his curiousness and desire to learn.


The sign for ladybug is a wee bit tricky for Parker right now. So we signed ‘red bug’ instead. Red is Parker’s favorite color.


‘Getting to know you…………Getting to know all about you………’


Looks like there was a Ladybug interested in learning more about Parker’s trach nose.


After our Ladybug party Parker wanted to swing. Actually, Parker always wants to swing.

Here he is signing ‘More’.


I try not to think too much on the fact that there is just a wee piece of velcro between Parker and his source of oxygen. Yikes!


Look at this face. Those chubby (chubby!) little fingers. That beautiful little spirit that has gone through so much.

His future has never been brighter.  Or his Mama more grateful.


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