Kefir, Baby.

One thing we have added to Parker’s blenderized diet that has been very beneficial is Kefir.  Kefir is like a drinkable yogurt, except it packs a more powerful punch when made with live Kefir grains.

The first few batches of Kefir I made was with the little packets of freeze dried grains from the health food store.

Only incredibly uh…….slightly pricey.

I’ve been taking a wonderful online food storage class and was offered some live, fresh kefir grains to try out.  These grains will last a life time.


Kefir grains look a bit like cauliflower pieces. Or a really large curd cottage cheese.

The whole process is very simple.


I take my grains and place them in a very clean quart jar.


Then I cover my grains with a locally produced, full fat goat milk. But you could us anything. Fat free cow milk. Milk made from powered milk. Coconut milk. Etc.


I leave the quart jar on my kitchen counter for 24 hours. Others leave it out longer. The longer you leave it out, the more tart of a taste you will get.

After you leave it on the counter for 24 hours, you can stick it in the fridge. It will still continue to culture, but at a slower rate.


Or, you can strain off the milk into another very clean quart jar and repeat the process again, which is what I do.

I can buy a not quite a quart of low fat goat milk kefir for close to $8.00. A quart of my homemade kefir is less than half of that.

The difference between the stuff you buy at the store and kefir made from fresh grains is like night and day. It’s thicker, richer and has super small kefir grains in it.

Got any questions?  I’d be happy to answer any that I can!

Anybody else use kefir in their diets?

If you want to learn more about making your own kefir this is a site loaded with information: KEFIR!


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