Keeping My Mind Off Tomorrow…….

Right now Parker is doing this:


He is totally ZONKED OUT after a busy morning of:


Dragging out and playing with every toy his owns.



Having great goofs with the long sheets of butcher paper that came with today’s delivery of ostomy supplies.


I dyed a couple of bags of lima beans up for Parker to ‘dig’ in. This scoop is a bit big for his hand, but he he LOVED scooping up the beans and sliding them into his bucket. Then we drove Parker’s truck over a lima bean road. Afterwards Parker just enjoyed the feeling of grabbing big handfuls of beans and letting them slip through his fingers.

Sometimes life is better with the simple, little things.

I’m packing up Parker’s toy bag for his stay this week. I’m including a couple of much loved books:


I have a couple of versions of this classic. Each with different illustrations. While the pictures may be at first unfamiliar, Parker pretty much knows the rhyme/song by heart.


All I am going to say about this book is, “Go! Buy it! You can sing my praises later.” Oh, btw, THANKS Steph and Joey. Smooch!


I read an article online of the value of kids’s journaling after they have completed a unit. In most cases it would be the child writing what he had learned and loved most from the unit of study, adding pictures as desired.

But since Parker can’t write yet…..or cut…..or you know really draw a frog………I decided to adapt this concept into our units of study.

The other day while sitting in my Dr.’s office (for a really, really, really long time I might add) I was reading a copy of Real Simple. I came across an advertisement with this picture. Since I had been in his office for so long (really, really long I might add) I felt totally justified (and a bit guilty for) ripping it out.

That is until I got farther along in the magazine and discovered that somebody before me had ripped out the entire recipe section.

My doctor may want to re-evaluate exactly how long he leaves us in the waiting room.

Anyway, I am using a artist’s sketch pad that I got on clearance for less than $2.00 to glue pictures of what Parker and I study in. Think back to scrapbooking before scrapbooking became such a commercial industry.

My Mom is adamant that the word for each object should accompany each picture… there ya go Mom. Now you can’t complain that I never listen to you.

Oh. And as a PSA , ANYTIME you happen to stumble apon a giant sized artist’s sketch book on clearance for less than $2.00 HUG IT TO YOUR BODY AND RUN LIKE H*LL. Cause you never know when a totally crazed fruit loop kinda woman might try to rip it out of your hands claiming that she should be the one to have it.

True Story.

Actually, I felt kind of sorry for that woman. She had absolutely NO idea that it takes much more than just crazy to intimidate a Mom of a medically fragile kid.


The first thing you notice when you walk into Parker’s safe room is this Believe sign. And that is what I am trying to do today. Believe.

We would be simply honored and humbled to know that you are keeping our Brave Hero in your prayers as well.


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