Just A Little Update

It has been a really rough few weeks. I not sure why I have had such a gloomy cloud over my head, but I think that perhaps the darkness is starting to lift a bit and a better emotional midset is making it’s way in. For that I am grateful.

Yesterday I was able to tackle some of the deep cleaing projects that have been bugging me. I got my hall closet cleaned out and organized. My computer desk cleaned up. Parker’s room cleaned up. And my upright freezer and fridge cleaned out and organized. I also found three gargabe bags worth of stuff to either dump or donate. Am I the only person who feels a thrill when I am able to clean stuff out? I’ve been slowly weeding through stuff and it is finally starting to feel like I am making some progress. I am just not a ‘stuff’ kind of Mom.

Parker has continued gaining weight. He is up to a full 18 pounds! yay! Here is a picture of Parker showing off his newly aquired ounces:

The poor little guy is struggling with a really
rotten cold that is just making him feel miserable.

I’ve also decided to use this manuel for our family scripture sessions. It gives quick, fun and powerful mini-lessons to help bring the sciptures to life.

I think the picture on the cover is simply beautiful.

And before you know it that most wonderful time of the
year will be here!

Gardening Time! If you look really closely at the bottom
of this picture you’ll see my gardening shoes ready and waiting for
me to come out and play! In my area sweet peas can be planted by
St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is McCall and Parker just hanging out.
McCall is pointing out the diaper that Parker has
on. It has pictures of Pirate ships on it!

Gives a whole new meaning to the term
“Pirate Booty”, huh? hee,hee!

And finally…..the view from my front porch
this afternoon. How blessed am I?

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