It’s (S)not a Problem.

Moms of kids with trachs know that along with those pieces of plastic tubing and velco ties comes a lot of……er……..snot.

Hey. Let’s face it. There really isn’t a pretty word that describes the gelled waste that is made (in copious amounts) when a trached kid has a sinus infection.

And if I may share, just for a moment, we are knee high in sinus sludge around these parts today.


Just keepin’ it real boys and girls. Just keepin’ it real.

It takes a lot more than some trach muck to freak out a Mom of a medically fragile child with special needs.

A few extra holes in my kid, along with the stuff that comes out of them, is just a part of everyday life around here.

Considering these extra outlets make keeping my Hero alive a whole lot easier, I’m kinda sorta thankful for them.

In a way that only a mother of a medically fragile kid with special needs could truly understand.


This kid? I’ll take him anyway I can.

Regardless of the funky ooze that might leak out of him along the way.


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