It’s not just about keeping Parker alive….

I’ve lost 18 pounds.  Really it should be more.  I gave up my beloved Dr. Pepper over ice weeks ago. I haven’t even had a Diet Coke. I should be in a size 6 by now, right?   Isn’t that the way it works?

All this water I’ve been drinking should have flushed my system thin. I know I’ve been flushing something about a zillion times a day. Nope, it doesn’t matter if what seems like gallons of water all go in at the same time, that same liquid doesn’t come out all at the same time.



I haven’t had any Dr. Pepper in a month.  It hasn’t been pretty, folks.

This is when I usually crank up the exercise to get things progressing.  Except my knee is a mess.  I have no idea why.  I  just woke up one morning and it hurt a bit.  A little while later and it now hurts a lot.

I can exercise one day.  Then by morning the pain is such that I walk all hunched over like a little old lady.  Let’s face it.  I might be old, but I sure ain’t little these days.

I used to tell myself that carrying all this extra weight around was the price of keeping a certain medically fragile kid alive.

My blood pressure at my last doctor’s appointment was 164/111.

It’s no longer about just keeping Parker alive.  It’s about keeping me alive too.

This being a Special Needs Mama is hard on a girl’s health sometimes.

It may also have something to do with refusing to be this fat come my son’s wedding in May.

You read it here first, folks.

I’ve thrown down the internet gauntlet.

Now to figure out what to do about my knee.


PS:  The bottle of DP in the picture above.  All Reed’s. While he’s cut back, he hasn’t totally given up the habit.    Yeah.  I’ve been THAT disciplined. Abstaining even with temptation at my fingertips.   Who knew I had that in me?


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