It Takes A Village…..

I had a few gray hairs before I had Parker.

Now I have more.

A. Lot. More.

Bailey and McCall have been hoping that I would start coloring my hair. They have been very subtle about the whole thing. Just a few sweet comments such as:

“You are way too young to look so old.”

“WHEN are you going to do something about your hair? Please?”

My Mom isn’t much better. She keeps insisting that it is a very poor reflection on her to have a daughter that looks older than she does. And at 64 I have to admit my Mom is still a gorgeous woman.

Yet I had still been holding tight to my resolve to go gray gracefully.

Until Saturday.

I ran into a neighbor that I haven’t seen in a very long while. Cause, you know, Parker and I don’t get out much. Or… all.

My neighbor shared with me that she had been wondering what she would look like if she ever quit coloring her hair. She then said that one look at me and she knew what she would look like……… and she would now be coloring her hair forever, thanyouverymuch.

McCall thought the whole conversation was pretty funny. In a, you know, really rude way.

Rude…humiliating…take your pick. She was never one of my favorite neighbors anyway.

But it got me thinking that maybe gray really isn’t my best color. And since my Mom couldn’t be more thrilled at the thought of me coloring my hair…..thrilled to the point of PAYING for it, I’ve decided to update my look at bit.

Or a whole lot.

My question though is do I do a complete color…….or a weave?

The weave would use two colors each uniquely chosen to best compliment my skin tone. Or so says the gal that does my hair. The best part of a weave is that it can grow out with out that skunk line thing that screams “LOOK! I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO COLOR MY HAIR!” But the weave will only cover about 50% of my gray.

Or, I could go with a full color, which would color 100% of my gray, but would have to be touched up every 4-6 weeks.

I have no clue which way to go. Any ideas?

I’d love to see some pictures of those who chose to go with the easy to grow out weave. I’ve googled, but have come up empty handed. I’m nervous that a weave will make my hair look like it has been frosted…….which with my hair coloring wouldn’t be the best of choices.

So, share with me your wisdom. I read somewhere that it takes a village to make an informed hair care decision.

And I believe it.


On Saturday McCall and I drove up to the University of Utah where McCall performed in a flute competition. She blew the competition away. She was simply amazing. I was more than proud.

I was able to get a few pictures of McCall while warming up. We found a little lounge on the bottom floor of the music building.



All of my girls have been blessed with amazing gifts of music. McCall and Kenny with the flute. Bailey will an absolutely beautiful voice. More people than I can count have encouraged Bailey to take her voice to professional levels.

And speaking of Bailey. Look what I found on my computer this morning. I’m pretty sure these were meant for her missionary serving in New Zealand. But they will work here equally well too.

photo 129

Don’t Reed and I make beautiful babies?photo 130


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