It gave up the ghost…

A few months ago Reed made some changes to our internet.

Immediately after making these changes my laptop became obsolete.

Oh,  I tried sticking  this little thing into the side of my laptop so that it could connect to our internet.

It worked sometimes.

But most often not.

Instead trying to blog, or even go online became more hassle than it was worth.

Last night my laptop gave up the ghost.

Nobody around here seems too concerned.  In fact they felt I spent way too much time online anyway.

Somehow it never dawned on any of them how important this blog really was to me.  Being able to connect with others who understand what is can sometimes be like to spend the majority of your time at home, trying to keep a kid alive.

The only reason it the whole online thing was really working is because I could take the laptop into the main room with Parker.  It might have taken me hours to complete a post, but I could add a line here and there as I walked by while I was homeschooling, or cooking, or doing therapies with Parker.

The same with taking care of the stuff over at 5 Minutes at Special Needs.

Funds for a new laptop simply aren’t in the budget.  And I just don’t have what it would take to fight my kids for time on our desktop in the evenings.   Because that is what it would take.  A total fight.

And I’m simply too tired to gear up for yet another battle.

I have one more giveaway to host.  And one more article to post.

My domain name expires in the next couple of weeks.  So when that happens I think I’ll just let my online life expire too.

But I know there will be other Mama’s out there who will willingly carry on the battle.

And I’ll be praying for all of you.

PS: And just because there always seems to be a Troll or two around when you’ve pretty much hit your lowest (cause we all know that Trolls would never dare take you on eye to eye) this post is NOT a solicitation for funds to purchase a new laptop.  And none will be accepted. Money from the donation button on Parker’s blog has ALWAYS gong to keeping our Brave Hero alive.   I’ve always been VERY open and honest on this blog, and I don’t see any reason to change now.


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