Invest in Your Future: Preserve the Harvest

Do you ever think about food?  No, I don’t mean that chocolate bar, or your next Diet Coke.  I mean real food.

Fresh food.


This year’s garden just waiting.

So am I.


Onion bulbs waiting to be planted.

Maybe you think about growing food yourself.  Don’t have room? That’s NO excuse.

Our modern day food system is shaky at best.  Where we once had huge supplies of grains stored in case of emergency, we now have eighteen days worth of grains for our country to rely on.

Eighteen days.

And that is if the trucks could even deliver to grocery stores.

What to know how many days worth of food a store stocks?  How many days before your favorite grocery store’s shelves would be bare?

Three days.


Can you see the brand new sage leaves popping out?



This where Reed promised me I could plant strawberries this year. Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen this year. We need a shed to put this stuff in first. sigh.

You’ve seen the pictures.  A storm is coming in and people panic, running to the store and fighting over the last package of bottled water, because the last case of anything edible has long been gone.

We are about to enter gardening season.  The time of year when, if you pay attention, you can build up your pantry for very little cost.   By now I’m sure some of you have tuned me out.  You’re not a gardener, I can hear you thinking.


Except, that we are coming up on the time when many others garden, farmer’s markets are in full swing, csa shares are hoping and your neighbor may just be praying for an offer help with the picking in return for some of the harvest.

All you have to do is ask.  What is the worst that can happen?  And if it doesn’t work out the first time you ask…ask again.

Then take that bounty that you’ve grown, cheaply purchased or gleaned…..and preserve it.

Can it:  Simply Canning

Dehydrate it:  Dehydrate 2 Store

Freeze it:  eHow Farm Girl


Instead I’ll be planting a few blueberry bushes right about here. Fair trade, no?

Food prices are on the rise.

Fuel prices are on the rise.

Consider it an investment in your family’s future.  One that will most likely offer up a greater return than any bank can.

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