When I look out any of my windows I see what looks like fog, but is actually smog….winters in Utah often mean weather inversions.

A weather inversion basically means that there is a ‘lid’ over the mountains that refuses to let anything from car exhaust to industrial output leave.  We are stuck in a haze that you can actually taste.  The particulate count the other day was 38.  A particulate count of 24 and kids can’t go outside for recess.   It’s gross.

For kids like Parker who already spend each day with chronic lung disease and asthma, it means staying inside the house with all of our air purifiers running at full speed, and lots of extra shaker vest and Xeopenx treatments.

And still the kid’s lungs sound like crap.

There isn’t much we can do but wait it out until Thursday when (hopefully) a storm will make it’s way in and blow all the gunk out.

Just about everyone I know is dealing with lung related illness right now, and seeing people wearing masks is no longer unusual.   While driving up to Primarys we saw 6 different drivers wearing masks to help protect their lungs.  And perhaps their taste buds.

A little boy with Down syndrome and chronic lung disease readaing a book because he can't go outside due to Utah's inversion

We’ve been reading lots of books.  Spending lots of time cuddling.  Yesterday I looked over and saw Parker and his nurse reading Born to Read There he was laying on his back, legs raised up, ankles crossed over (can you imagine the stomach muscles this kid has to be able to hold this pose for almost 30 minutes!)  and his famous left shoe and sock off while he lets his right shoe and sock stay on.

I have ultrasound pictures of Parker floating inside my belly in this same exact pose.

Totally typical Parker.   Taking on the world in his own unique way.


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