Into Autumn

It’s been cold here the last several days.   They kind of days that make a girl scurry out to the garden to collect all the last bits to harvest.

I’ve been baking and freezing pumpkins.  Have you seen how expensive they are this year?


Tomatoes on their way to the dehydrator.

Dehydrated tomatoes and kale vacuum sealed in their jars.  We’ll put them to good use this winter.


I’ve made my last batch of ginger-pear jam.


My MIL’s old potato masher next to my immersion blender.  That potato masher has seen years of Thanksgivings.  I keep having to replace my immersion blender.



Jam jars waiting to be filled.  These suckers are hotter than hot.  I took them straight out of the drying cycle in my dishwasher, set them up and then filled them up.



This poor kid started with a sinus infection this Spring.  He’s on his 4th round of antibiotics to try and clear it up.


Look closely at the left side of the table……on top of the sunflowers we harvested on Saturday.  Two beautiful guests to share our harvest with.


So.  How’s Fall treating ‘yall?


  1. Laura M Ptacek Oct 9, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Oct 10, 11
  2. Carey Oct 10, 11
  3. Tammy and Parker Oct 10, 11
  4. Paige Oct 10, 11
  5. Heather Oct 10, 11
  6. Heather Oct 10, 11
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