Increased Oxygen Needs and Cuffed Trachs: Help Needed

Ok.  After a loooong night, Parker’s O2 sats finally started getting closer to baseline. Not totally there yet, but closer  We could still hear his leak around that cuffed trach, so there is also a chance that we haven’t inflated it enough, especially as he could still vocalize over it and I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to be able to do that. 

Luckily he only needs this trach when he sleeps. 

Even luckier we are going to see ENT on Monday, cause the snot……it’s back.  sigh.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to this cuffed trach, but for right now it’s kind of messing with my mind.  How much O2?  Am I damaging his trachea?  The one that already collapses when he sleeps?

Time to put my big girl panties on and do what is best for this Brave Hero of mine.

But first I gotta find them.  I’m pretty sure they are waaaay at the bottom of the mountain of laundry staring me in the face.  😉




The night before Parker’s right heart cath his oxygen needs increased.

Actually, they doubled.

And we’ve been having issues ever since.

During the cath we discovered that Parker has an air leak around his trach.  The anesthesiologist felt that this air leak was significant enough to move Parker to a cuffed trach at night.

Pulmo agreed.  Pulmo also felt as though the cuffed trach would help us get Parker’s oxygen needs back to his baseline.

Except, it isn’t.

The kid just had a heart cath a week ago.  His lungs look and sound beautiful.

But his oxygen requirements are double his baseline.

Pedi thought that perhaps Parker’s asthama wasn’t being controlled well enough.  Pulmo kinda blew that off.

It has everyone stumped.

Which is kinda nervous making.

We have an appointment with ENT on Monday.  He’s going to put a little scope down Parker’s trach to see if there is some granulation tissue causing issues.

Other than that everyone is pretty much outta ideas around here.

Anyone else’s child ever have these kind of issues?

I know I’m always asking for prayers around this joint.  But it looks as though we’re going to need them again.  First to figure out what is going on.  Second to come up with a plan to address it.

Cause it’s always something around here.


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