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We’re almost a month into Summer vacation here at the Hodson House.  Summer is different these days than it used to be when my kids were little and it seemed as though every spare moment was spent on some sort of sports bleacher watching one or more of my kids play as their Dad worked to coach them to victory.

These days finds  the Blue Eyed Girl dragging her Mama out of the house at what feels like the crack of dawn to go and walk the trails in our area.  I’m embarrassed to admit that the first week found me begging for mercy as every trail this kid chose seemed to have more hills than valleys.  Except for the shin splints, week two has been better.  With any luck I’ll get back into my walking groove and begin to get stronger.  I’m quickly learning that if I’m going to keep up with a certain Brave Hero I’ve got to get my healthy back.  Getting out and moving has helped greatly with my mental health and in helping me see the glass as half full instead of totally non-existent.


In other news, we took Parker to IFA to hang out with the bunnies.  I’m not sure who was more unimpressed. The baby rabbits or Parker.  Parker is an ‘either/or’ kind of kid.  He’s either totally involved in something or he couldn’t care less.  Obviously bunnies fall into the latter category.

Now, my daughter and son in laws Cockatiel?  Totally different story.  If Parker could have snatched Charlie  the Bird, stuffed him in his pocket and made his way, unobserved but for the trail of tail feathers, he totally would have.

A little boy with Down syndrome and his Grandmother

Trying to flirt his way out of doing his school work. 

We’ve been taking Parker to my parent’s house once a week for an hour and some minutes worth of homeschooling experiences.  You know how lots of home schoolers have homeschooling groups that take turns at the homes of each learner having their parents teach a unit?  This is our version of a homeschooling group.  So, our group consists of my mom, dad, nurse, me and Parker.  Not exactly award winning, perhaps, but Parker loves it  and it’s nice not to worry about having the  Plague follow us home.

Knights Wresting

In other news, 65 more days until Seattle gets a new Missionary. 

We have a date set to begin Parker’s intensive therapy at Now I  It absolutely, positively will either be the last week or the second to the last week of September.  Closer to the sick season than I would have liked, but more time to come up with the money.

BTW, for those of you who have donated directly to Now I for Parker, thank you.  I’m going to apply for a grant, which I know we won’t get because we never qualify for stuff like that, but I’ll try anyway.  In return for grant money they ask you to give in some way. I’ll most likely be cleaning toilets and doing other janitorial work while Parker is working with the therapists if we do receive a grant. You know what?  That is perfectly fine.  What’s important is that Parker gain the skills he needs.  And let’s face it.  After raising six kids, a few toilets aren’t going to scare me off.

Our yard sale to raise the funds for Parker to go to Now I will be July 27th.  I have a couple of brave friends helping me gather up stuff to sell, and a few even braver friends willing to help sell the stuff.

If any of Parker’s readers might like to donate the fruits of your Spring Cleaning, we’d absolutely welcome it!  Just shoot us an email at and we’ll work out the details!

So, what’s the news from your house?





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